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Keeping your pet clean with good hygiene that includes shiny fur and proper trimming is an essential part of being a pet owner. The pet bathing services at Madelyn’s Pet Grooming in Kingman, AZ is a popular choice among pet owners in the area. Pet bathing is part of the full grooming package we offer to any kind of animal brought to us. Our highly trained pet grooming team works with each animal and treats it as a unique client with its own particular grooming needs.

We use only organic pet bathing products, made with ingredients that are natural and very safe for your pet’s coat including hypoallergenic shampoos. In order to use the right shampoos and other products, we analyze your pet’s coat to determine what will and will not work. We handle your pet with care and gentleness during the bathing process to ensure they feel comfortable and happy. During pick up, we will discuss any problems we find that may need special attention, such as hot spots or dry skin.

Natural cleaning solutions are used to flush out and clean your pet’s eyes and anal glands. At the end of each bathing process, your pet will be blow-dried and fluffed by hand. If there is a certain style you would like us to give your pet after the bathing process, we will do our best to make it happen. We are highly experienced with many different types of styles, including various show styles; we are here to guide you in deciding what is suitable for your pet.

Next time your pet needs a cleaning, try pet bathing at Madelyn’s Pet Grooming in Kingman, AZ. Our affordable and thorough service is sure to satisfy both you and your pet!

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Free Nail Trimming, If clients bring a bag of dog/cat food they get $2 off grooming, If client adopts a pet from a shelter $5 off grooming!

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